#Thundaboobs needs your support!!

You may, or may not know, that Oh Two Clothing started from humble beginnings in the small back room of a Durban home twenty three years ago. Since then we have evolved into one of South Africa’s leading manufacturers for the retail and promotional clothing industry. However, we haven’t forgotten our roots, which is why we love supporting fellow entrepreneurs when we see them fueled with the same fire!

We were approached by Thursdays Lingerie and Swimwear to create their #Thundaboobs crowdfunding campaign t-shirts out of recycled PET plastic. Sure, that’s not problem, that’s what we do well! Their founder Shona, admittedly cheekily, asked us if we could sponsor some of these t-shirts for the launch event of the campaign, so that some of the fans can purchase them on the night to create a bit of a buzz. How could we say no when we were told that it was in support of boobs?

Thursdays supports women C Cup and up and are crowdfunding to extend their size range to support an even bigger range of breast sizes. All of their products are made locally in Mitchell’s Plain, Cape Town. This may sound like a simple task, but the lingerie manufacturing industry in South Africa pretty much died two decades ago with the rise of cheap Asian imports. Most of the workers have gone into different career fields or have since retired. The Thursdays team has literally found one of the last remaining bra makers and coerced her out of retirement to pass her skills onto their team so that the skill might live on locally. This is the kind of entrepreneurial spirit that we at Oh Two Clothing celebrate.

Thursdays #Thundaboobs campaign goes live TODAY and we encourage you to get one of these awesome, eco-friendly, #wesupportboobs t-shirts to support this worthy campaign. The t-shirts are only R200 but can make a big difference to many lives – the lives of women all around SA who are currently unsupported by the lingerie industry, and the lives of future bra makers in the Western Cape.

No need to be concerned about the t-shirts being made from recycled PET plastic, they look and feel like regular cotton t-shirts, plus they have that feel-good-factor about saving the planet. Each t-shirt is also treated with BeSoCool BeSoSoft technology which regulates your temperature and moisture the more active you get.

Not sure what crowdfunding is? All of your answers will be answered here: https://thursdays.co.za/thunda-boobs/.

If you would like to receive a R150 Thursdays voucher and be kept up to date with the campaign progress, sign up here https://mailchi.mp/c53c8b6d37b5/thundaboobs. You will also be entered into a draw to win a R1000 Thursdays voucher!

If you too are an entrepreneur and have considered crowdfunding for your own business, every backer of this campaign will receive a free ebook on How To Crowdfund in Africa. You also know who you should come to for campaign t-shirts!

Thank you so much Oh Two Clothing for your amazing support right from the very beginning. It’s so amazing to be backed by fellow entrepreneurs to achieve our goals and change the clothing landscape in SA as we currently know it. The t-shirts are superb, we couldn’t be happier! Thank you for pulling off everything so quickly and so perfectly. We can’t wait to place our bulk order with you!

Shona Macdonald, Thursdays Founder