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We receive inquiries on a daily basis from people wanting to start their own label, which gets us really excited as it’s assuring evidence of the strong entrepreneurial spirit that exists in these challenging economic times.

Some proposals are great and have been carefully thought through which puts us in a better position to assist. We therefore advise people to do as much research into their market and spend time developing a plan that promotes their product in the best possible way.

It’s also very important that people have a basic understanding of the production process and all the variables involved in delivering a garment to market. There are many stages that contribute to the production cycle – from pattern-making, fabric sourcing and screen preparation through to label application and packing – all take time to do properly and are sometimes even out of our control!

The unfortunate reality is that we cannot deliver on every proposal, which in most cases comes down to whether we have the relevant production capabilities or the quantities are too small and therefore not feasible for both parties. Either way we will always endeavour to assist where we can even if it means recommending a supplier who is better suited to delivering the order.

We manufacture and supply the latest in men’s, ladies’ and children’s clothing specialising in T-shirts, golfers, hoodies, tracksuits and sweaters. However, we are sometimes able to manufacture other clothing and apparel items depending on the garment’s construction and the number of units involved. The best place to start is to send us a breakdown of what you require along with a physical sample and we will then advise accordingly.
We do not limit ourselves to any particular quantities as we are capable of delivering orders of all sizes, however due to the various setup costs involved in the production process anything under 200 units can often be a relatively costly exercise. We are also reliant on ordering minimum quantities of raw materials such as fabric and trimmings from our suppliers so are often guided by what they have available and how quickly they can deliver the goods.       
We sure do! We have an exceptionally talented design team that is capable of working on a variety of creative briefs from initial concept development through to the final execution of graphics that are ready for print and have your brand’s best interests at heart.

We also place a huge amount of emphasis on tracking local and international fashion trends to ensure we’re keeping up with the latest developments in global fashion and that our designs are grounded in current market insight.

Absolutely! We are one of a few clothing suppliers that offer a full garment embellishment service to our customers, giving us full control of the manufacturing process from start to finish. Not only that, but we’re able to offer a wide variety of techniques and effects that can add real value to your garment.
The majority of our fabrics are sourced locally as we believe in supporting South African industry as much as possible, just as we hope others would support us! On the very rare occasion that we import fabrics, this is primarily due to non-availability in the country due to various production limitations. We are also able to source a variety of colours, designs, washes and effects and work closely with our suppliers to meet the level of quality and detail required.

Our standard stock fabrics are 145gsm and 160gsm single jersey, combed and carded 100% cotton or polycotton blends for mélanges, slubs etc.  

It is vitally important that we have as much information to work with so that we can generate an accurate quote whilst also ensuring we can actually deliver what it is you’re after. The following list should give you a better idea of the type of information required:

  • Garment specification: e.g. Men’s raw edge crew neck T-shirt
  • Quantities
  • Preferred fabric weight & colour
  • Size splits: From XS to XXL
  • Print & embroidery sizes, placements, techniques & number of colours
  • Design references: Any accompanying files that visually demonstrate what is required
  • Product sample: To get an idea of fabric, fit & finishing
  • Approximate date order is required
Depending on whether we are manufacturing, screen printing or embroidering your garment, each of these processes will involve some sort of set-up cost to prepare the garment for production. For example, to prepare a garment for screen printing we have to firstly ensure the digital file is print-ready and the colour layers have been separated correctly. We then create film positives which are used to expose the designs onto light-sensitive mesh screens through which the ink passes during the printing process. In most cases the set-up cost is a once-off payment as the initial preparation has been achieved and doesn’t need to be repeated.
Yes we can – whether you supply us with your labels or we source them for you, we’re able to provide a complete garment solution that includes label and swing tag application on light and heavily constructed garments. We’re also able to fold each individual garment and place it in a sealed polybag ready for delivery.
Given the nature of our business where each order is so different to the next it is very difficult to provide a formal price list that remains constant for a prolonged period of time. There are just so many variables involved in the production process that we simply have to cost each order from scratch, which means that our quotes are properly considered in line with each specific request.

Fabric and ink prices change all the time, print sizes and placements differ per customer and the unit price of smaller orders generally costs more than larger orders based on traditional economies of scale. For that reason we prefer to treat each quote on a case-by-case basis ensuring your order receives the attention it deserves right from the start.

Our production times are mostly dependent on fabric availability and the size of the order. We generally hold stock of most basic colours, however some fabrics can take up to 8 weeks to become available. Smaller orders are quicker to manufacture and can generally be delivered within 4 weeks of sample approval.

We can also work to your deadlines and streamline our processes to accommodate faster turnaround times. The fact that we are a full service clothing company means everything is handled under one roof which results in a much quicker and more efficient order process.

You are welcome to email us a breakdown of your order to orders@ohtwoclothing.co.za, or alternatively complete the form on our Orders page providing as much detail as possible.
Of course we do! We work with local courier companies to ensure your order is dispatched in a reliable and timely manner.
  • Adobe Photoshop (.psd) files are preferable but we also accept (.png) and Illustrator (.ai) files
  • All non-vector (pixel) files need to be at least 300dpi
  • All font layers need to be rasterized or converted to outlines
  • All backgrounds or colours that you do not want to print need to be clearly labelled
We are indeed and very proud of our level 2 BBBEE status, further evidence that our business is supporting and developing local industry as much as possible.


18/22 Cypress Drive, Glen Anil, Durban, South Africa

Phone: +27 (0) 31 579 5199

Email: orders@ohtwoclothing.co.za


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