From humble beginnings in the small back room of a Durban home over twenty years ago, Oh Two Clothing has evolved into one of South Africa’s leading manufacturers for the retail and promotional clothing industry. Having started off with one pattern maker and six machinists, our family-owned and managed business has grown into a thriving company with in-house Design, CMT and Screen Printing capability.

Our fully vertical operation allows us to handle the manufacturing process from start to finish, giving us absolute control of both quality and price. With an infrastructure built around a quick response production model, speed and flexibility are the key differentiators that set us apart from our competitors.

As an accredited supplier to various leading retailers, we adhere to the strictest of quality standards and testing procedures that are never compromised, regardless of order size and urgency.

The fact that most of our fabrics and raw materials are sourced locally is further evidence that we aim to support and develop the South African clothing industry as much as possible, helping to ensure its longevity by adding value across all levels of the supply chain.

Whilst the majority of orders are printed and manufactured at our Durban North factory, we have also formed a number of strategic partnerships across our supplier network for orders that aren’t within our immediate production capabilities. We outsource orders on a regular basis and work very closely with a variety of specialised factories that have the necessary production knowledge and expertise to handle custom branded and manufactured orders specific to our customers’ needs.

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63 Acutt Avenue, Rosehill, Durban, South Africa

Phone: +27 (0) 31 579 5199

Email: orders@ohtwoclothing.co.za

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